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What happens with antibiotic leftovers that you put in the garbage? And what about the antibiotics that humans and animals are taking?  

Are there properly treated? Did they disappear without a problem? Not so much. Have a look at our graphics and learn what is the fate of antibiotics in the environment. If you want to know more, have a look at our Antibiotic resistance page.

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Do you think that when you get rid of bacteria in the toilet, it’s over?

Wrong! You send them to a party to make new friends, share experiences, food, and genetic information. Let's see together what is going on at such a party and how it relates to us. Can antibiotics stop all the bacteria? Certainly not all of them, the unstoppable are called superbugs.

Let's see what are these antibiotic-resistant bacteria and what can we do to avoid them...


Let's listen to the members of REPARES led by Jan Bartacek talk passionately about why we need to study antibiotic resistance in wastewater treatment plants and the environment. Members from all over Europe talk about how they view antibiotic resistance and what their research in conjunction with REPARES aims to achieve...

Research Platform on Antibiotic REsistance Spread through Wastewater Treatment Plants (REPARES) is an H2020 project dealing with one of the largest threats to human health globally - antibiotic resistance. REPARES brings together both academic and non-academic subjects in combating antibiotic resistance spread in the environment. If your project or research touches on this topic, join REPARES at https://repares.vscht.cz/ and help tackle antibiotic resistance together...

Immerse yourself in the captivating video by the REPARES Project, as it unveils the intricate web of antibiotic resistance propagation in wastewater treatment plants. Delve into the profound implications of this worldwide health crisis and witness the unwavering determination in the fight against it...



Updated: 30.6.2023 12:53, Author: Lucie Pokorná

Interlaboratory Study

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