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In total 49 members (except for REPARES members) joined the REPARES platform. The members are in total from 20 countries all around the world. The highest amount of people is from the Czech Republic, however, there are also more people from Belgium, Columbia, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Poland, the United States of America, and the South African Republic. We also have one member from Argentina, Canada, Egypt, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Norway.

Most of the members are from universities (29 members), companies (8 members), policymakers (4 members), institutions (3), and laboratories (2 members). There is also one member from the platform and 2 undefined members.

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Distribution of REPARES members across the world

Updated: 30.6.2023 18:36, Author: Lucie Pokorná

Would you like to become a member?

Contact* our colleagues Lucia Hernandez Leal from Wetsus and Join REPARES Network

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