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University of Warsaw

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The University of Warsaw is the largest university and the best research center in Poland. Among its graduates, the university has 6 Nobel Prize winners. The faculty of Biology at the University of Warsaw is around 50-years-old. It specializes in fundamental sciences and has considerable achievements in the area of microbiology with Institute of Microbiology being its largest unit nowadays. Department of Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology (Drewniak & Dziewit
research group) was established in 2020. We are working in several fields of microbiology, including environmental microbiology; microbial biotechnology and bioremediation; microbial genomics and metagenomics; bioinformatics. We specialize in: molecular and physiological analyses of extremophilic bacteria (with special focus on cold-active and metallotolerant bacteria); the biology of mobile genetic elements of bacteria; environmental virology; antibiotics and heavy metals resistance, metabolism, and transformation; the development of novel biotechnologies using microorganisms (e.g. in biogas production and bioremediation). 

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