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Second workshop on Methodologies for antibiotic resistance monitoring

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The workshop took place in Prague, Czech Republic, on July 23rd, 2020, hosted by Jan Bartacek and Aleksandra Milobedzka (Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, UCT Prague). The workshop was attended by 6 researchers in person from UCT and remotely by 10 others from TUDelft, Wetsus, and UCP. Additionally, our new partner from the University of Warsaw (UW), Poland participated in the workshop. 

The REPARES project develops standard protocols for antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) detection and quantification in wastewater treatment plants. The laboratories gathered in the REPARES consortium are testing the recommended REPARES protocols to assure the excellence of research including them.
Inter-laboratory tests are either 'proficiency tests' to check the ability to participate in labs to deliver accurate testing results or 'collaborative method validation studies' to find out whether a certain analytical method performs well and is fit for its intended purposes. The latter is the approach of choice for international standard methods. They allow not only for method validation and proficiency testing but also deliver characterization of reference material. In the REPARES project, we decided to use the qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction) method for ARGs detection.
The workshop in Prague addressed research questions formulated during the previous meeting in Porto. The results of the first round of the inter-laboratory test using qPCR for ARGs quantification in complex matrices in environmental samples from the activated sludge were summarized and the second round was planned. The outcomes of experimental work (evaluated to identify factors affecting measurement results) verify that the qPCR using the universal standard for particular genes can be transferred to other laboratories.  Additionally, the newly designed REPARES standard protocols were checked to be clear to new users. Such joint experimental research brought us much closer to the proper monitoring of the antimicrobial resistance in the environment. 

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