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Who are we here for?

REPARES aims to connect researchers, water professionals, microbiologists, policymakers and the general public in the common effort to control the spread of antibiotic resistance through wastewater treatment plants. This mainly concerns the discharge of treated wastewater and the application of sewage sludge to arable land. We aim to deliver relevant information on all aspects of this field.

 ◳ 17 (png) → (originál)General public

If you are interested in the basic information on antibiotic resistance, its origin, related health risks, and ways of spread, please visit our Antibiotic Resistance Basics page. There, you will also see links to other information sources and our video materials and infographics. For deeper information on technology, analytical tools, and legislation, visit our specialized pages.

 ◳ 19 (png) → (originál)Wastewater professionals

We provide information on the general efficiency of WWTPs in the removal of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (ARB) and Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARGs). You can find links to various studies performed around the world, legislation, national strategies, etc. You can also find data about specific analytical tools and techniques and if interested, you may join our inter-laboratory study. Finally, you can join one of our seminars or summer schools.

 ◳ 20 (png) → (originál)Microbiologists

You may be interested in the database of ARGs created by REPARES for the MiDAS field guide, in related metagenomics studies, or the most recent analytical techniques. You are most welcome to join our Inter-laboratory study or join one of our seminars, summer schools, or webinars.

 ◳ 18 (png) → (originál)Policymakers and Public authorities

We provide links to various information sources on national legislation and policies and documents by international authorities such as WHO. Also, you can check scientific studies on ARB/ARGs spread and their impact on the environment and public health. You are also sincerely welcome to some of our seminars, webinars, or summer schools.

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